Through the excitement that lights up the eyes of Salvatore Russo, known throughout the world as "Black", we read the memories of a life full of commitment, passion, dedication and satisfaction. The name Chez Black, was born from an original intuition of Salvatore, to thank the thousands of foreigners who, after the war, helped to spread the fame of Positano, a charming town in an enchanting bay of the Amalfi Coast. The Captain "Black" - Salvatore Russo - remember the celebrities who stopped to sample the delights of its welcoming "ship", moored along the famous promenade of Positano, on the Spiaggia Grande, a few steps from the characteristic alleys, from the notes of the workshops Moda Positano and the eighteenth century church of Our Lady of the Assumption (which contains the picture came from the sea, from which comes the name of Positano, according to legend). Just a few names among the celebrities who for three generations, they boarded the fairy tale of the restaurant Chez Black:

Alberto Castagna, Aldo Montano, Alfonso Signorini, Anna Falchi,Benjamin Netanya, Billy Zane, Bob Johnson, Bruno Vespa, Chita Rivera, Christian De Sica, Cristina D'Alberto, Ezio Greggio, Fabrizio Frizzi, German Gustavo Denis, Katherine Kelly Lang, Kris Nevil, Lino Banfi, Luciano De Crescenzo, Manuela Arcuri, Mara Venier, Nicola Giglio, Nicolás Navarro, , Nuccio Bertone, Renzo Arbore, Roger Moore, Rosanna Banfi, Serena Autieri, Simona Venura, Società Calcio Napoli, Tinto Bras, Valeria Marini …
Chez Black stretches along the Via del Brigantino, the famous promenade in the heart of Positano, loved by VIPs, VIPs watchers. Immediately affects the look, Chez Back, like a ship with its rich cargo of gastronomic treasures, which were lying where once were the remittances of the boats: with its brass lamps that evening illuminate the local-hull like a starry sky, at the bottom, in the middle of the room entirely decorated sailor, the quaint and charming furnace refractory bricks, wood fired, produces fragrant, tasty and original pizzas to suit all tastes.

The " walled "right of the hall is a kind of Logbook of the Captain, Salvatore Russo said Black, with photos of many of the celebrities who have enjoyed the delicacies and hospitality of this restaurant and made him famous around the world. "On the main deck," the outdoor tables directly overlooking the famous promenade of Positano. From the doors embellished with portholes, popping some "crew members" to serve "passengers" the gastronomic specialties of Chez Black: The Dish with sea urchins, the exclusive form of seafood, the Fish Soup, the Paccheri pasta with Positanese sauce, but also succulent meats, refined desserts and traditional sweets. A wide choice of wines, with excellent Italian wines.

Complement the other parts of the ship: the cuisines such as funnels, the "galley", custody of the freshest ingredients that are served at lunch or dinner, the precious "cargo", guardian of the precious wines. The courtesy, reliability, and the exaltation of the flavors and aromas of Mediterranean dishes that will be served to you, make the Restaurant Chez Black ideal to spend pleasant lunches and dinners that will make your stay in Positano, but also the most significant events of the your life: weddings (max 50 people), events, parties and anniversaries.
Russo Family's Dream continues for three generations, offering services in a workmanlike manner, the beverage to entertainment, to enrich the most of your stay in Positano, on the Amalfi Coast:

Like a "ship", Chez Black, arrives on the Spiaggia Grande of Positano in 1949, and it continued his tale in the late '50s, with Salvatore Russo said "the Black", so named for the brown tones of his skin and the deep eyes that look with confidence to the future. Along with him, the professionalism and courtesy of his "crew", a "galley" charge of Mediterranean delicacies and a "hold" embellished with fine wines.

Inside the "excavation" and the "deck", which welcomes tourists with outdoor seating next to the famous promenade of Positano, the atmosphere is timeless, made all the more welcome in an immaculate decor detail and the typical furnace refractory bricks, wood fired. With the delicious vapors of its delicious cuisine, the ship of Salvatore Black, joined by his son Gianfranco, is always ready to land to new adventures, lively setting for lunches, dinners, weddings (max 50 people), events, parties, anniversaries...

The fairy tale continues at the dawn of the 2000, when it is born, a gorgeous creature, almost took life from the curvaceous siren that acts as a figurehead in the name of Chez Black. It overlooks the sea from a beautiful terrace, surrounded by the magical colors of the unforgettable sunsets of the Amalfi Coast and overtime moonlight: The Terrace Restaurant, Location with a refined, elegant, enriched by the philosophy of Mediterranean cuisine enhanced by the flavors of the Gulf, entertained by live music in the piano bar, to make unforgettable all the most important events of your life: weddings, parties, Gastronomic Events, theme nights, dinners by candlelight.

The beauty of this terrace merges with the rock on the coast, in 1972, when is opened the only nightclub in Positano: The Music On The Rocks, one of the most beautiful and original of the world, built inside a rock on the beach of Positano. The movement of the waves comes to life with sinuous lines of furniture, the enchantment of the sea of the Amalfi Coast, through the immense arches of the Dancefloor, envelops the visitor immediately, together with the special effects created by the lights, in a magical sparkling bubbles

Today in conducting, alongside Salvatore Russo, said Black, the founder, we find the son Peppe. The Dee Jay from the most exclusive clubs in Europe and in Italy, the characters of the show business and Performing Arts internationally renowned, contribute each year to increase the celebrity of Music On The Rocks in the world, which is confirmed in all respects an ideal location for Fashion and Media Events, Fashion, Events and Gastronomy, Editorial and Promotional Events, Parties and theme nights.

A fairy tale enchanting of "A Thousand and One Nights" that the Black Group's Restaurants, who, after having conquered the sea, the beach, the coast, the magical sunsets and moonlight through the eyes thrilled the thousands of tourists, travelers and celebrities all parts of the world, wish your dreams will continue to fly high, maybe gaining a little bit of heaven ... and the story continues ...
The "Hold" of the "ship" of the restaurant Chez Black, contains one of his precious treasures.

The restaurant is located in the old renovated rooms, which at one time, served as the boathouse. Below these, almost at sea level, were the tanks, which were then used to keep cool in summer melons and watermelons sold on the stalls of the beach.

The premises have been carefully renovated by using them as a wine cellar of the restaurant, given their suitable microclimate..

"Black" in this "adventure" we nicknamed "Captain of the Ship," has settled, along the "bulkheads" of his hold, the cells are set in stone when the selected bottles of wine, one of the finest Italian wines.

The Maitre in the room will advise you at any time, on matching the best taste to the dishes that you will love savour.

Chez Black... Yesterday, Today and the Fairy Tale of the Black Group's Restaurants

The history of the restaurant Chez Black embodies the notes of a story that crosses three generations. The Grandfather of the family, Peppino, in 1949, a few years after the war, opened the first restaurant, renovating old rooms that were once remittances directly overlooking the boats on the beach of Positano.

The fame of Positano in the world begins in the postwar period, when this lovely and quaint fishing village situated in a large bay of the Amalfi Coast, it was rediscovered by the numerous British and French tourists. Towards the end of the 50s the management of the restaurant goes to Salvatore's son Peppino: brown skin, deep eyes facing the future with confidence, Salvatore wins over visitors with its warm, kind and culinary delights of his restaurant, so that it will be just a tourist to nickname Black. Thus was born Chez Black, a name that embodies each of the key ingredients that make over half a century his fame all over the world: reliability, courtesy, exaltation of the flavors of the Mediterranean Diet, the centuries-old tradition of the Amalfi Coast, combined with wise and innovative combinations.

The Mediterranean Diet has become since 2010 Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The American physician and scientist, Ancel Keys, who sponsored conducting research and studies in some locations near the Cilento after that, parked along the Mediterranean coasts with the military ships during the Second World War, he watched as the people seamanship, due to the consumption of fish, cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables and extra virgin olive oil, were much less subject to coronary heart disease, compared to Americans.

The restaurant Chez Black continues for decades, to make the impeccable service offered, in the tradition of the Mediterranean Diet, thanks to the use of fresh ingredients, daily catch, vegetables and local spices, extra virgin olive oil from olives pitted biological and methods cooking such as to preserve their organoleptic properties.

The emotion of "Captain" Black leaks out strongly in his eyes. Affixed to the wall to act as his background framed photos of his "Logbook" unforgettable snapshots of all the celebrities from politics, the show business, show business, who contributed to the world-renowned restaurant Chez Black, along with the thousands of Customers who over the decades have loved to taste the delicious cuisine which invariably emphasizes the freshest ingredients, selected and chosen with care.

Recipes of secular experience, excellent innovative gastronomic notes give life to a wide choice of menu: fish caught daily in local sea, succulent meats, herbs, vegetables, a wide selection of pizzas, delicious desserts and a list of fine wines.

The fable of the Russo family continues: next to Salvatore, his son Gianfranco, delightfully hospitable as this land of spectacular scenery and unforgettable fragrances. In the Restaurant Chez Black, moored like a ship with its cargo bay full of gastronomic treasures, familiar atmosphere, combined with impeccable service and the liveliness of the famous promenade of Positano, just a stone's throw from the alleys and narrow streets that smell of orange blossoms , from charming boutiques and the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption with the majolica dome.

Overlooking the Great Beach, Chez Black Restaurant, loved by VIPs, VIPs watchers, lovers of Mediterranean cuisine, welcomes its guests with the magical colors of the day and night of the Amalfi Coast, in an environment whose decor, attention to detail recreates the hull of a ship.

Location ideal for lunches, dinners, parties, pre-parties and post marriage, weddings (max 50 people). Mr. Giosuè Cafiero, event manager, is at your disposal with his affability and professionalism to meet all your needs.