Positano is situated in a enchanting bay of the Amalfi Coast, Unesco World Heritage Site, in a breathtaking landscape, surrounded by the green of citrus orchards, olive groves, vineyards and the Mediterranean scrub, with lovely beaches stretching out into the sea, a heavenly place that has attracted for centuries travelers, painters, writers and celebrities.
Extravagant, fashion, loved by the international jet set, Positano is one of the most evocative seaside resorts of the Mediterranean Amalfi Coast; cult destination for Hollywood stars, fashion gurus and entertainers: Anthony Quinn, Liza Minelli, Elizabeth Taylor, Matt Dillon, Jean Paul Gautier, Nicola Trussardi, Moschino, Eduardo De Filippo, Sergio Leone, Franco Zeffirelli.

The brightly colored houses cascading like flowers from coast until the beach and from the main road crosses in all its glory. To get into the heart of Positano, parked the car in a parking along the main road, continue on foot to the picturesque street between the shops of ceramics and boutiques that have launched Swimwear Positano worldwide, galleries' art, craft shops, gardens with orange blossoms and citrus, to reach the wonderful mother church, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, built in the thirteenth century and guardian of the beautiful Byzantine icon depicting the Black Madonna and Child.

The distance from Main Beach is short: you will find the most exclusive restaurants on the promenade famous all over the world, a place of cult of the Vip and the Vip watching, here there is the first of the restaurants of Black's Group: Chez Black.
Continuing along Via Grotte dell'Incanto, to the left of the stairs on the Main Beach, you will find the wonder that bursts in the splendor of Positano: Rada Restaurant, magnificently overlooking the sea, facing the Archipelago of Li Galli, that Homer extolled be the home of the sirens who tried in vain to bewitch Ulysses. Two legends tell a different ending for the three sirens: the first says that the sirens threw themselves into the sea and sank losing their lives on three different beaches, and the second says that after the sirens threw in water , they were turned into rocks. Today the island has a private villa, built by the Russian dancer and choreographer, Leonide Massine. The villa, decorated by the architect Le Corbusier, was later bought by the famous dancer Rudolf Nureyev.

On the ground floor of Rada Restaurant, comes alive after midnight The Music On The Rocks, the only one Disco Music of Positano, for forty years one of the best clubs in the world.